Campus and Location

The Brennen College Campus is situated in Dharmadam Panchayat on a historic hillock just 5 km north of Thalassery town and 1Km. away from Kannur-Thalassery National Highway. In the approximately 16.5 Acres of land with serene and pristine natural environment, the campus houses the Academic Departments, Administrative Office, Central Library, Students’ Hostels, Staff Quarters, Play Ground and other necessary units that provide the basic amenities for staff and students.

The institutional facilities in no way disturb the natural environment of the campus, as it is evident from the impressive presence of ‘Santivanam’ which is probably the only one conserved pristine forest patch in a college campus in Kerala. The Green House beside the new PG Block and the Medicinal Herbs Garden in front of the Administrative Block also signify the eco-friendly culture of Brennen College